1956   Born in Karlshamn, Sweden
2001   Immigrated to North Dakota,USA
Public Collections
1999   Paintings and sculpture on two walls in Svängsta Community College, Sweden
1998   Wall painting, hanging sculpture and tile pattern in stone floor, all of the same symbol, in entrance hall of Fågelfors Junior High School in Skillingaryd, Sweden
1992   Wall sculpture, three gables on Stenbacka Preschool in Karlshamn, Sweden
1990   Monumental painting in six story private apartment complex in Karlshamn, Sweden
1990   Wall paintings in "Fairy Tale" room in Asarum Library and Svängsta Library, Township of Karlshamn, Sweden
Juried Exhibitions
2001   "Art on the Plains", Plains Art Museum in Fargo, ND USA
1996   "Northern Drawing-triennial", Sundsvall Art Museum in Sundsvall, Sweden
1995   "Sydosten", Kalmar Art Museum in Kalmar, Sweden
1995   "Landskrona Drawing-biennial", Landskrona Art Museum in Landskrona, Sweden
1991   "International Mini-biennial", Susekullen in Olofström, Sweden
1990   "Salon 90", Kristianstad Art Museum in Kristianstad, Sweden
1987   "Lunda-biennial 3", Lund Art Museum in Lund, Sweden
1987   "Blekingar", for Blekinge province artists, alternates among five different cities art museums in Blekinge, Sweden 1988-91, 1993-95, 1999-00
Group Exhibitions, selected
2004   "Women of the Plains", Memorial Union Gallery, NDSU Memorial Union, Fargo, ND, USA
2004   "The Great Winter Crow Show ", Spirit Room and Gallery, Fargo, ND, USA
2002   "Seventh Annual Winter Show", GK Gallery, Cooperstown, ND, USA
2001   "Sixth Annual Winter Show", GK Gallery, Cooperstown, ND, USA
2000   "Biodom, Biological Diversity", outdoor summer exhibition Karlskrona Art Museum in Karlskrona, Sweden
2000   "Colorfull Blekinge Artists", Stadshuskuben Art Museum in Falkenberg, Sweden
2000   "Drawings by Women", Laholms Drawing Art Museum in Laholm, Sweden
2000   "Portrait", Gallery Kobebus in Karlskrona, Sweden
1997   "Fall Salon", Karlshamns Art Museum in Karlshamn, Sweden
1990   "A4 Pictures", Blekinge Community Art Museum in Karlskrona, Sweden
1988   "The Four Elements", Kulturcentrum Art Museum in Ronneby, Sweden
Solo Exhibitions, selected
2003   "Connexions", Spirit Room Gallery, Fargo, ND, USA
2003   "Connexions", GK Gallery, Cooperstown, ND, USA
2003   "Connexions", Arts Center, Jamestown, ND, USA
2002   "Connexions", Northwest Art Center, Library Gallery at Minot State University, Minot, ND, USA
2001   "Blend", Olofström Art Museum in Olofström, Sweden
1999   Gallery Karibakka in Sölvesborg, Sweden
1999   Gallery 111:an in Lomma, Sweden
1999   Karlshamn Art Museum in Karlshamn, Sweden
1999   "Graphite to Water Color", Gallery Lotsen in Karlshamn, Sweden
1996   "Sensual Pulse", Gallery S in Vinslöv, Sweden
1995   "Colors in Black and White", Karlshamn Art Museum in Karlshamn, Sweden


Art is a means of expressing abstract ideas that cannot be conveyed with words.

I often start painting with a concept in my head, but when the idea begins to take form on the board, the situation changes. My emotional reaction to the work affects the idea itself and as the idea changes new feelings arise. This process goes on until an equilibrium is reached.

Art is a means of communication, but unlike language there is no dictionary to tell us what it should mean. Each person receives his/her own unique message when they view a work. It is most rewarding for me when that message also touches the viewers emotions.


Acrylic gives me the opportunity to work in many layers, without having to wait so long for them to dry. Some pictures have as many as twenty layers.

The group of paintings titled "Misfitting Pieces" reflects upon social outsiders and loneliness; to dare to be different, to go your own way, and think your own thoughts. The choice of composition was derived from a wish to simplify the structure of my earlier pictures and reduce the scale of color which had been more comprehensive.


For me, graphite is the king of drawing and the queen of sensuality with its velvet blackness, coarse lines and deep surface. I am drawing my "picture words" in the colors between black and white.

The drawings on my "graphite" page are thoughts about our genetic beginnings. Regardless of whether we concern ourselves with humans, plants or animals, the smallest components of any living being are ultimately the same. This inspired me to reduce boundaries between images in order to capture the idea I was trying to express. Nature is an endless source of themes with which one can become deeply engaged.