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Send correspondence to:     Richard Wahlgren
Prennegatan 23B
SE-223 53 Lund, SWEDEN


Officers for 2014 and 2015 (elected to July 2016):

Chairperson: Richard Wahlgren (Sweden), richard.wahlgren[at]live.se
Vice-Chairperson: Ronald Javitch (Canada), biblijav[at]total.net
Secretary-Treasurer: Thomas Håkansson (USA), natrix[at]mindspring.com
Meeting Organizer: Aaron Bauer (USA), aaron.bauer[at]villanova.edu
Editor: Markus Lambertz (Germany), lambertz[at]uni-bonn.de
Other Officers:

Web Master: Ralph Tramontano (USA), rrtramon[at]t-ad.net